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Oh my god. I already made 12 tracks? Let's share them to the world ! As you wish...

Hope you like it 🎤 🎵🎶🎹

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(Talking to myself here. Don't mind me. I just like to write things down)


I just stumbled upon a markdown editor for @gnome, with shell search integration, that works on mobile and syncs with @nextcloud .

Iotas looks really neat, and is available on @flathub!

Jekyll powa : I've been able to make a NO-CSS version of my little website. Sooo easily !

Thirty years ago, I used the holidays to rewrite our in-house 3d tool from scratch, based on specs and design I worked on for a year. On January 2nd 1994, the first version was running!
I'm incredible proud, humbled and impressed of where it went. Happy 30th birthday :) #b3d

Very very impressed by @latte's website 🤩 This is very close to the ideal website for me. Deep, obviously well cultivated, playful, and with surprises around each corner. The about page is a masterpiece!

This weekend, I made a little with my friends at LudiHealth (in french)

Synopsis: A futur version of the player is sick and hacks player's phone to communicate with the past and revert bad habits to improve their health.

Play alpha version online :

More info :

My 5yo wants to make a little party to prepare halloween. I made him some cool invitation cards.

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