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(Talking to myself here. Don't mind me. I just like to write things down)


fail2ban has one core maintainer and he has only 3 Github sponsors


I can't even comprehend how many servers are protected by fail2ban, how many compromises are avoided, how many people who run hobby things all the way up to major sites that get to sleep soundly every night... because of this single project.


I just got this used foot midi controller. I will set it to control my SooperLooper.

Starting a new project 🎉 Will try to make live and alone using some midi controllers, some mics, my guitar, some weird instruments like carrots, bottles, kitchen tools, etc. And only software. I'm thinking : jack, Carla, SooperLooper and Helm for now...

I just stumbled upon a markdown editor for @gnome, with shell search integration, that works on mobile and syncs with @nextcloud .

Iotas looks really neat, and is available on @flathub!

Jekyll powa : I've been able to make a NO-CSS version of my little website. Sooo easily !

Thirty years ago, I used the holidays to rewrite our in-house 3d tool from scratch, based on specs and design I worked on for a year. On January 2nd 1994, the first version was running!
I'm incredible proud, humbled and impressed of where it went. Happy 30th birthday :) #b3d

Very very impressed by @latte's website 🤩 This is very close to the ideal website for me. Deep, obviously well cultivated, playful, and with surprises around each corner. The about page is a masterpiece!

This weekend, I made a little with my friends at LudiHealth (in french)

Synopsis: A futur version of the player is sick and hacks player's phone to communicate with the past and revert bad habits to improve their health.

Play alpha version online :

More info :

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