This weekend, I made a little with my friends at LudiHealth (in french)

Synopsis: A futur version of the player is sick and hacks player's phone to communicate with the past and revert bad habits to improve their health.

Play alpha version online :

More info :

My 5yo wants to make a little party to prepare halloween. I made him some cool invitation cards.

Trying to wake my kid up. Spoiler alert : "It doesn't work"

(Some hashtags. Because, after all, I just want this video to be seen : )

First song for a new set of tracks. made with love, with my hands, my voice, my piano, free softwares and a child flute.

Thank you for listening !

Here's another recent creation

عدم ضبط النفس

Here's the last addition to the set : "What were the odds". Hope you like it !

(The rest of it is here :

A Karmacoma cover (Great song from Massive Attack). With for only instruments: my scissors, my beer, my voice, Ardour and my computer's microphone.


I made a cover of two songs lyrics by STUPEFLIP rearranged together with some stuff I made with my voice, a pencil, a guitar, my laptop microphone, Ardour and my little hearth ❤️

Mix, sound and precision are awefull : You must be very tolerant.

(My dog is in there at some points because it likes to make some noise when I record some stuff lol)

Here's the harvest of the year in my completely abandoned garden. it managed to survive by itself and to grow things in places where I've never even planted anything. There are still a few little things to harvest. And I got a huge monstruous zucchini !

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