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Trying to wake my kid up. Spoiler alert : "It doesn't work"

(Some hashtags. Because, after all, I just want this video to be seen : )

First song for a new set of tracks. made with love, with my hands, my voice, my piano, free softwares and a child flute.

Thank you for listening !

J'ai réalisé un site pour notre petite asso (qui propose son outil de recherche de plantes pour un symptôme donné). Un site moderne mais open source, qui peut fonctionner SANS cookie et SANS javascript et SANS récolter vos recherches.

Vous souhaitez obtenir des infos sur les bienfaits des plantes 🌿 ?

Notre petite asso met enfin à disposition son outil de recherche de plantes pour un symptôme donné. (que j'ai co-réalisé avec amour).

Voici une petite vidéo de démonstration.


(je mets des # parce qu'on a besoin d'avoir des membres si on veut que notre asso puisse continuer de vivre : )

Here's another recent creation

عدم ضبط النفس

Here's the last addition to the set : "What were the odds". Hope you like it !

(The rest of it is here :

Oh my god. I already made 12 tracks? Let's share them to the world ! As you wish...

Hope you like it 🎤 🎵🎶🎹

I just want to share this absolute gem of a webpage: Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names.

These falsehoods are things I run into on a regular basis. The more stress-inducing one on that list was #37. Because of that, I couldn't check into a flight because two systems used two differently mangled versions of my name.

A Karmacoma cover (Great song from Massive Attack). With for only instruments: my scissors, my beer, my voice, Ardour and my computer's microphone.


I made a cover of two songs lyrics by STUPEFLIP rearranged together with some stuff I made with my voice, a pencil, a guitar, my laptop microphone, Ardour and my little hearth ❤️

Mix, sound and precision are awefull : You must be very tolerant.

(My dog is in there at some points because it likes to make some noise when I record some stuff lol)

Here's the harvest of the year in my completely abandoned garden. it managed to survive by itself and to grow things in places where I've never even planted anything. There are still a few little things to harvest. And I got a huge monstruous zucchini !


(we wouldn't be able to walk here in a "normal" situation")

"Hari’s book [Stolen Focus] opened my eyes to the way #smartphones are wrecking our ability to focus. If every idle moment of our day gets occupied by the smartphone’s content feeds, #socialmedia tidbits, and other news pulling us in, what time do we have for personal thought? For reflection and analysis? For our own directed attention? Very little."

I'm trying to replace my main computer by an energy-efficient, nomad, modulable and recyclable solution. It's long. But I'm slowly getting there !

Almost fluent ....

- "Dad, I really hate Poalows"
- "You hate what ?"
- You know, Poalows ! "Poireaux" in english.

Note: "Poireaux" means "leeks". The child was just prononcing the french word with an english spin thinking that's how french to english translation works 😂

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